Head Baker Robert Wygant completes a La Boulangerie du Village classic Artisan loaf...

A Tradition of Culinary
Art and Natural ingredients...

In France seventy percent of the bread consumed is made by small Artisan bakeries, usually family owned. French law is quite precise, stating that for a shop to be
called a boulangerie (bread bakery), all the breads with designated names
such as "Baguette" must be made from scratch, on the premises.

French food laws define bread as a product containing only flour, water, yeast, and salt.
The addition of any other ingredient to the basic recipe requires the baker to use
a different name for the final product.

In this country, we have taken our daily bread to the level of puffy, white, tasteless air,
heavily injected with additives, virtually untouched by human hands, then sealed
by machine in brightly colored plastic bags. Breads like 'thaw and bake'
used in most Canadian supermarket bakeries,
are not allowed in a true Boulangerie.

Experience the
Artisan bread difference...

Wild Yeast Strains
Wild baker cultured yeast strains are allowed extended fermentation
periods. This creates richer flavors and textures. Commercially
produced breads often suffer blandness of taste, and character due
partly to their shortened fermentation process.

Hand Kneading and Shaping
Hand dough preparation allows bakers to make direct contact with bread throughout the baking
process, resulting in optimum temperature, texture and consistency.

Personally Monitored Baking
Hands on baking techniques seal flavors into the bread with thick, crispy crusts and chewy, rustic
textures and appearances.

In the true Old World Artisan tradition, La Boulangerie du Village creates small batches of tasty bread from scratch. Every step of the process, from weighing the ingredients, overnight culturing of yeasts, mixing, kneading and shaping each of
the loaves, to taking fresh baked Baguette out of the oven, are all executed by skillful and caring hands.

This approach requires more time and effort, but you can see, feel, and taste the difference. Your body is happier too, when only the healthiest products go into the final loaf. We use only organic ingredients where available. as soon as Industry producers allow, it is our intention to use organic ingredients exclusively.

Due to the use of these natural ingredients, and no preservatives, we suggest enjoying all of our delicious breads within a few days of purchase. Loaves should be kept in the provided paper bags, not plastic, to avoid giving the bread a gum like consistency.

Drop into La Boulangerie du Village today, and taste the delicious difference only Old World Artisan baking can create, naturally!

Come experience the taste of true Artisan bread...
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