Equipment Modernization and Upgrades

Increased Efficiency and Reliability

Over time, through wear and environmental factors, electrical power systems and their components can demonstrate a decrease in efficiency, stability and reliability. This can cause existing equipment to operate below specification, increasing the probability of failure.

As well revised system and component standards may demand the implementation of upgrades to meet new requirements.

The supply of these upgraded components and the securing of replacements for future maintenance is crucial to ensure the ongoing reliability of existing systems.

DTS offers custom designed upgrades to power system equipment that meet or exceed original OEM requirements.

Diversified Technical Solutions  along with channel partners, offer upgrades to the following equipment:
  • Motor Starters
  • Protective Relaying Schemes
  • PLC Automation Systems
  • Equipment Acceptance Testing (e.g. Cable hi-pot testing, breaker testing)
  • Low and Medium Voltage breakers and switchgear
  • Motor Control Centers (Low and Medium Voltage)

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