Maintaining Service - Repair - Prevention

Diversified Technical Solutions  is a licensed contractor with ESA/ECRA and performs a wide range of electrical system maintenance tasks.

Implementing a schedule of regular preventative maintenance is critical to the avoidance of unexpected outages, equipment failure, hazards and costly downtime.

As well DTS can provide training programs designed to give your employees the necessary skills needed to safely troubleshoot and solve electrical problems customized to the system within your work environment.

Vital tasks required to optimize an electrical system for commercial, utility or industrial clients include:

  • Predictive/Preventative Maintenance and Program Development for your workforce
  • Maintenance of Low and Medium Voltage Power Distribution including:
  • Substation Design
  • Power Distribution Design and Specifications
  • Control Schemes and Automation
  • Protection and Control Schemes
  • Lighting Audits and Energy Efficiency
  • Power Factor Correction Systems
  • Testing required based on the client's insurance requirements

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