Motor Starting Analysis

Start-up Load Management

A Motor Starting Analysis is performed to determine the voltages, currents, and starting times involved when engaging large motors. Such a study is critical before installing a large motor to ensure your system can accommodate the current load and start the motor successfully. It may also be performed anytime a change in the power supply is implemented.

Starting large motors can cause disturbances to the motor and other loads on the system. One of the most common problems associated with motor start-up is serious voltage dips on the buses throughout the system.

These voltage dips may cause other motors on the network to slow. These motors may reach the stall point which may cause equipment failure and over time contribute to decreased motor life.

To remedy this DTS will examine the motor itself, the motor load and the distribution system through many different operating scenarios.

Recommendations are provided leading to the best and most cost effective motor starting solutions for the client.

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