Training and Education

Operation - Maintenance - Customized Training

Whether for a newly installed system component or a turnkey project
DTS offers professional, certified training for the safe and competent operation and maintenance of our electrical distribution equipment installations.

Unique to North Eastern Ontario, our newly established training center in Sudbury, Ontario delivers programs that combine a balance of theory and hands-on techniques to ensure participants gain the tools necessary to execute their duties properly and safely.

Numerous training programs and modules are available and our facilities can accommodate up to 30 participants.
DTS will customize training programs to match your power system or process and can also supply on-site training at our client's facilities if required.

Diversified Technical Solutions  provides training in a variety of areas including:
  • Breaker Maintenance
  • Ground Fault/Ground Check Protection
  • Arc Flash Training
  • Lighting and Energy Retrofit
  • Fuse Applications
  • Equipment Acceptance Testing (e.g. Cable hi-pot testing, breaker testing)
  • Cable Splicing and Terminations (Low and medium voltage)
  • Power Engineering Courses (Short Circuit, Arc Flash, etc)
  • Custom Courses to suit your needs

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