A Storefront, a Manufacturing Facility and a Chocolatier's Passion...

A classic building in a charming location creates a perfect mix for chocolate greatness!

Manitoulin Chocolate Works is located in Kagawong, Ontario, a small village in the heart of Manitoulin Island.  The combined shop and manufacturing space is housed in one of the town's original historic buildings.

Bridal Veil Falls - A popular destination, where Lake Kagawong flows into Mudge Bay.

Wooded Trails - Follows the river starting at the base of Bridal Veil Falls and ending at the mouth of Mudge Bay.

Tree and Rock Maze - Located in the valley of Kagawong. Both can be found along the board walk.

Game Board - Right next to Manitoulin Chocolate Works where there is the large chess board.

The Beach - The local sandy beach is at the mouth of Mudge Bay.
In the fall of 1995, when Keith and Louise McKeen purchased the heritage building, they had no idea what they were going to do with the 105 year old structure.

It was originally built as a blacksmith shop, and needed a lot of work before anything could be done with it.  They began general renovations to the building in 1996/97.

After much contemplation, in 1998 Keith and Louise decided to open a shop for her chocolate creations and Manitoulin Chocolate Works was launched. Initially only a smaller section on the right side of the building was used.

In 2005 the left side of the house was renovated adding a brand new production and store front area.

The rustic vintage charm of the final renovated building perfectly complimented the company's artisan products.

Aside from high quality ingredients, the creation of artisan chocolates requires traditional techniques in chocolate tempering, filling and mold preparation, enrobing, cooling and storage.

The creation of fine quality chocolates demands precise execution of each of these activities. Proper preparation of ingredients, equipment, temperature and timing are all critical aspects in creating the highest quality products.

With extensive experience and training in traditional artisan chocolate manufacturing techniques, Louise and her daughters also employ the most up to date methods and processes to create their delicious chocolate delicacies.

Aside from manual preparation techniques Manitoulin Chocolate Works utilizes state of the art equipment in their manufacturing process including a SELMI chocolate tempering and enrobing machine imported from Italy.
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