Handmade Confections for the Sweet Tooth that is Curious and Adventurous...

Classic, fun and crazy combinations that are so delicious!

Our handmade barks, bars, toffees, popcorns, and tasty treats are all mouthwatering specialties that demand your indulgence.  You'll be back for more!


Sweet and Salty - Salted cashews and chunks of chewy vanilla caramel combined with milk chocolate.

Paradise Bark - Candied pineapple, whole pecans and coconut in milk chocolate with toasted coconut flakes on top.

Almond Cranberry - White, milk or dark Belgian chocolate with slivered almonds and dried cranberries.

Cranberry Pistachio - Dried cranberries and whole pistachios combined with either milk, dark or white chocolate.

S'more - Mini marshmallows and pieces of graham crackers combined with milk chocolate.

Ginger and Hazelnut - Whole toasted hazelnuts and chunked candied ginger combined with dark chocolate.

Citrus and Spice - Chunked candied ginger, lemon and orange peel combined with dark chocolate.

Ginger Heart Bark - Ginger snap cookies, cranberries and pecans, available in milk, dark and white chocolate.


Double Truffle Bar - A smooth silky layer of milk and dark chocolate truffle coated in either milk or dark chocolate.

Coconut Bar - A chewy bar that contains sweetened coconut throughout coated in either milk or dark chocolate.

Mint Meltaway - Smooth, soft centre chocolate with a fresh peppermint taste available in milk and dark chocolate.

Peanut Smoothie Bar - A whipped smooth and creamy peanut butter coated in milk chocolate.


Belgian Chocolate Cream Cheese - A decadently moist chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese and belgian chocolate centre. Finished with a cream cheese frosting. Our best selling cupcake all year!

This divine cupcake is available weekends Spring and Fall, and daily through July and August. It is recommended to place an order early as these sell out fast.

Vanilla Caramel - A vanilla cupcake with our vanilla caramel swirled through it and topped with a caramel buttercream and caramel drizzle.

Pumpkin Spice - The perfect fall treat, this cupcake is made with real pumpkin puree, the perfect mix of autumn spices and finished with a brown sugar buttercream and candied pumpkin seeds. Available in the fall around Thanksgiving or by special order.

Toffee and Popcorn

Pecan Butter Toffee - Cinnamon toffee and lightly toasted pecans, covered with white and dark chocolate.

Cashew Toffee - Toasted cashews in a rich buttery toffee making it a perfectly balanced crunch.

Caramel Popcorn - Our own recipe, has almonds and pecans drizzled with milk chocolate.

Extra Treats

Bear Claws - We take our chewy vanilla caramel, cover roasted almonds and enrobe in Belgian chocolate. To complete the look we add the cashew claws, available in milk, dark and white Chocolate.

Sticky Fingers - Salted pretzels in a chewy caramel with chunks of pecans, dipped in milk chocolate and finished with a white chocolate drizzle.

Chocolate Dipped Oreos - An Oreo cookie dipped in milk chocolate, drizzled with white and dark chocolate.

Chocolate Dipped Licorice - Dipped in milk chocolate then drizzled with white and dark chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Brownie - Homemade brownie made with CACAO BARRY™ cocoa that gives rich flavour then covered in milk or dark chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Macaroon - A coconut macaroon that we bake so the edges get slightly toasted then covered in milk or dark chocolate.

Krispies - A fresh and chewy rice crispy square dipped in milk chocolate decorated with chocolate covered krispies.

Pecan Caramel Wave - Chewy vanilla caramel, covering whole pecans and coated in milk, dark, or white chocolate.

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