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Establish your web presence with Essential Multimedia... Sudbury web design website design sudbury

Establish Your Web Presence!

Your website plays a vital role in projecting a positive, professional, distinctive and persuasive online first impression of your business and services to prospective clients and customers.

Today, the majority of the web browsing public expects to find your company on the internet. Consequently, securing a professional internet presence is critical to the overall first impression, credibility and reputation of your business.
Establish your web presence with Essential Multimedia...

By allowing potential customers access to professional and clearly presented information about the products and services you have to offer, they will feel more confident about moving ahead with a sale or contract.

Why a Website ?

Incomparably effective and affordable, websites are an integral promotional tool for any business, organization or professional.  Your internet presence gives people convenient access to the information, products and services they are searching for.

Once it has been designed, your website can be hosted for less than $15 a month.  No other promotional media can provide international 24/7 access to your products and services at this low cost.

74%  of all North Americans use the web regularly to research products and services and over 90%  of these people shop on the internet!

Can you afford  not  to be online?

What are Your Requirements?

Each project is unique, and requires a certain amount of custom work to complete. The fees involved in developing a website depend upon a number of variables such as:

  • Logo or Corporate Identity design.
  • Number of pages. Supplied and required content.
  • Technical writing or copy-writing.
  • Graphic design and image acquisition/editing.
  • Content Management Systems.
  • E-Commerce. Online catalogs and payment systems.
  • Existing database and backend system integration.
  • Formatting for Mobile Devices.

Whether you need a basic brochure style website to introduce your services, an ecommerce site to sell your products online, a website with a user editable  Content Management System, or the redesign of an existing site, Essential Multimedia will work with you to develop an attractive and effective custom website solution.

Professional, persuasive and effective website development...

Make your Website Mobile Friendly!

Do you have a mobile formatted site for your business or organization?

You should. More than 50%  of all North American adults and almost 70%  of those aged 24-35 have smartphones.

More than half of these people already research, locate and purchase products and services with their mobile devices.

Consequently it is critical to have a mobile formatted, easily navigable version of your site for your potential clients and customers.

Professional, persuasive and effective website development...

Why Essential Multimedia ?

With over 15 years experience in graphic/web design, marketing and multimedia production, Essential Multimedia will create a professional, dynamic and persuasive internet presence for your business or organization.

An effectively designed website will help establish your online credibility by providing a positive first impression of your business, giving your clients access to vital information they need, and inspiring confidence in your organization, products and services.