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Establish your web presence with Essential Multimedia...

Marketing Your Website...

It has been clearly demonstrated by several surveys that the majority of internet searchers will usually navigate exclusively to the top ranked links on page one of search engine results.

Once your site is up, it may take six months, to a year or more for your website to possibly appear in top 10 search engine rankings.  The fact is there is no guarantee, after your website is submitted to major search engines, that your site will ever find its way to the first page of search engine results.

Link popularity is a major factor in achieving high search engine rankings, but unfortunately requires considerable time and website traffic to actualize.

Other contributing factors include Search Engine Optimization of web page code and the number of back links to your website.

Consequently the only guaranteed way to get your website to the top of first page search rankings immediately
is to initiate Search Engine  Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Establish your web presence with Essential Multimedia...

Pay-Per-Click Advertising...

Pay-Per-Click sponsorship campaigns place highlighted sponsored advertising for your company at the top and right hand side of first page search engine results.

A campaign is configured to show Sponsored Advertising for the key phrases people will most likely use to search for your products. Campaign budgets are set depending upon how much you wish to commit on a daily, or monthly basis.

As a result depending upon the response to your campaign, targeted traffic is driven to your website which can bring immediate attention to your organization, products and services, stimulating leads potential sales and revenues.

After a trial period, key phrase effectiveness and performance can be analyzed and your campaign adjusted to optimize budget and the amount of traffic you wish to maintain. Your campaign can be paused and resumed at any time as your budget and traffic requirements change.

With the Google™ Search Engine still resposible for the majority of web searches Essential Multimedia recommends initiating a
Google AdWords™ PPC sponsorship campaign to help get the clicks you want for your site.

If  Pay-Per-Click advertising does not bring you the results you're looking for, online banner advertising, or conventional forms such as print and broadcast media may be explored to help drive traffic to your website.

Facebook - Social Network Marketing...

Facebook - Social Network Marketing

With over a billion users world wide, developing a professional presence on  Facebook™  has become an essential part of an organization's online identity and marketing.

Individuals visiting your organization's  Facebook™  page have the opportunity to  'share'  and 'like'  it, essentially recommending your page to friends in their network. Their recommendation has the potential to initiate a  'word-of-mouth'  style viral marketing campaign that can generate substantial interest in your organization's products and services.

Also, custom branded and designed pages can be added to your company's Facebook™  page to create a unique user interface offering a professional appearance to match the look of your existing corporate image, website, and promotional materials.

Your customized  Facebook™  pages can become the vehicle for promoting special events, campaigns, giveaways and offer's to generate further interest and buzz in your products and services.

As well, just like  Google™ AdWords  content advertising  Facebook™  also features sponsored advertising opportunities based on highly targeted and effective demographics to drive traffic directly to your page or an existing website.